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Valerio Cosi - "Sounds For Vajont" DL - DS010

by Valerio Cosi

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01. Vajont Naturelle
02. Misty
03. Guarire
04. Notiziario
05. Castrum De Spengenberg
06. Longarone Blues (1'38'' For Loren Connors)
07. Goodbye World
08. Mount Toc Raga
09. Scanzonatissimo
10. Slowly Sinking

EP Digital Download
Dreamsheep DS010
Under request from Calamita/à

"From the moment I was asked to work on a few tracks for the multimedia CALAMITA/À project on the Vajont, I immediately started to figure out a “do nots” list, a number of things that I would not have wanted to do: take the saxophone, make something that sounded too similar to many other soundtracks or sound projects for documentaries on the theme and so on.
I ended up with 10 sound miniatures.
Two or three of these were conceived in 2013 (a year before) and I realised they were almost perfect for the project.
All together these tracks somehow define a complete puzzle I can find myself in and which brings down all the walls of my ego and allows to completely sympathise with the heart of the Friulani.
I dedicate this work to all of them." --- Valerio Cosi

All rights reserved © 2014 Valerio Cosi, S.I.A.E. All recordings, music, mixing and mastering by Valerio Cosi.
Under request from Calamita/à - www.calamitaproject.com
Artwork by Evan Piccirillo.

Digital Download EP on Calamita/à:

July 3rd 2014

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