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February 27, 2017: Richard Youngs will release a new track in spring 2017

The prolific British singer-songwriter and sonic experimentator Richard Youngs will join our roster this spring, releasing a new track for the "Dreamsheep Vol. 2" CS/DL compilation (DS017).

Dusted Magazine said that he had been "defying strict genre classifications since the early nineties, swapping labels, styles, partners, motifs, and recording techniques as the desire has struck him". His whole career from "Advent" to his works on VHF and Jagjaguwar made him one of the most singular British artists from the past 20 years. We feel like Richard's sound has become more and more fascinating and unpredictable today, willing to explore and break rules (go check his No Fans label to have an idea). Dreamsheep is so happy and honoured to welcome him in this year.