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Valerio Cosi - "Early Archives" DL - DS013

by Valerio Cosi

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01. Bandits #1
02. Bandits #5
03. Soundproof Album #1
04. Soundproof Album #2
05. Soundproof Album #3
06. Soundproof Album #4
07. Soundproof Album #5
08. Soundproof Album #10
09. Soundproof Album #15
10. Untitled Lost Track No. 1
11. Untitled Lost Track No. 2
12. World's Upset #8

"Early Archives" is the first collection of Valerio's music made between 2001-2002 and it shows 12 previously unreleased/never heard before rarities. These abstract electronic fragments (mostly mixed, recorded and composed by Valerio Cosi using Soundforge on a PC) have been originally created for the making of some of his several and countless CDr demos. In these recordings, the 16-years-old musician at that time played with his toy instruments, samples, deformed vocals and Korg synths to create a variety of moods and rhythms possibly influenced by 80's industrial music, Future Sound Of London and braindance music. "Early Archives" has been carefully compiled and mastered from the original sources by Valerio Cosi in his Berlin studio (2016).

Valerio Cosi: toy instruments, samples, percussions, cheap mic, Korg Trinity

All songs recorded and composed by Valerio Cosi between 2001-2002.

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