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Thollem McDonas / Valerio Cosi / Enzo Franchini - "THREE" DL - DS016

by Thollem McDonas and Valerio Cosi/Enzo Franchini

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01. Overture (22.06)

02. Hymnal (10.56)

03. Instant Brethren (11.23)

04. Childhood's Mystery (11.44)

05. Andalucia (6.26)

06. Drop Of Love (Studio) (12.19)

"THREE" documents a unique live show by the Thollem McDonas/Valerio Cosi/Enzo Franchini trio, made in Rimini (Italy, late 2006). When Valerio and Enzo met Thollem, they decided to tour together and gather their forces delving deep into the realm of free improvised music. Thollem's comprovisational approach met Valerio & Enzo's improvisational skills as an acoustic sax/drums duo, the live results gave birth to an absolutely spontaneous, fierce and romantic 1 hour voyage. Finally coming out of the closet after 10 years and available for the public consumption, "THREE" is a free jazz recording that highlights the trio's improvisational abilities with a classical, thoughtful and unexpectedly romantic touch.

Valerio Cosi: "I feel like this is one of the best concerts I've ever made and for me it was a true honor to work with Thollem. He's the true master behind this record and I'm so glad we finally had a chance to remaster the original audio material."

Enzo Franchini: "A unique event, I remember the whole thing as if it had happened yesterday... That night you could have witnessed something extraordinarily deep and new".


Piano – Thollem McDonas

Drums - Enzo Franchini

Alto Saxophone, Mixed (tk 6), Sound Restoration and Mastering By – Valerio Cosi

Recorded by Aldo Becca from Palustre Records in Rimini, late 2006 (live section tk 1-5) and Ravenna (studio take #9 - tk 6).

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