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Ryan Jewell / C. Spencer Yeh / Wasteland Jazz Unit - "Ohio Ghastly Soil" lim. CDR - DS004

by C. Spencer Yeh , Ryan Jewell , and Wasteland Jazz Unit ,

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1 Ohio Ghastly Soil 27:02

Bass, Electronics – C. Spencer Yeh
Clarinet [Amplified] – John Rich (3)
Drums, Electronics – Ryan Jewell
Saxophone [Amplified Alto Sax] – Jon Lorenz

Recorded with moving microphones at the Art Damage Lodge.
Limited Edition of 200 copies.

Press release:

Sounding like Laddio Bolocko playing Aufgehoben's songs, this amazing quartet shares a seriously mindblowing connection with the huge underground noise scenery in the United States. This half-an-hour free-form session between these Ohio-based dudes is a long electroshock torture which features Yeh (experimental violinist/electronic musician with a highly growing reputation around the world) playing bass here, Jewell (experimental drummer/electronic musician also involved in Pink Reason and Psychedelic Horseshit) on drums/electronic junk and John Rich/Jon Lorenz (Wasteland Jazz Unit) totally immersed in a hyper-amplified and nihilistic sax playing. File under sparkling brutality. CDR comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.