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Pulga - "Pulga Loves You" DL - DS014

by Pulga

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1. Return To The Forest Of Shoes
2. Still It Rides Me
3. Tequila Feast
4. Fuck The Satellites
5. Raga Pulga
6. Witches And Bitches Brew For Marriage Records [Unreleased Bonus Track]

Pulga is a collaboration between Valerio Cosi and the American electroacoustic artist Vanessa "Niwi" Rossetto, they only worked on one record (made through postal exchanges) released on CD through Fire Museum Records in 2007. In the wake of New Weird America and its flooding of sub-par limited edition discs, “Pulga Loves You” stands out as a strongly focused exploration into psychedelic music, African music, Indian raga and free-form music - transcending them all in many ways with a "densely layered, richly dynamic" sound.
Electroacoustic drones, bells and jangly strings, Vanessa's voices, video game noises, Valerio's saxophones and meticulous sampling work, afrobeat flavours: they're all part of the incredible and ever-changing Pulga's soundworld. Comes fully remastered from the original masters and also includes one unreleased track as bonus.


Guitar, Viola, Balalaika, Performer [Shruti Box, Dulcetina], Mandolin, Percussion, Flute [Bamboo], Effects [Electronic Manipulation], Voice – Vanessa Niwi Rossetto

Saxophone, Electronics, Drums, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar [Electric], Sitar, Voice, Mixed, Arranged and Mastered By – Valerio Cosi

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