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Valerio Cosi - "Freedom Meditation Music, Vol. II" (Remastered Reissue) DL - DS019

by Valerio Cosi

7.00 / On Sale

1. Phunktooth (01:51)
2. Mozambico (06:43)
3. Satanic Blues (09:46)
4. Miti (03:20)
5. Freedom, Meditation, Faith (22:00)

Originally available on CDR through Oneiros Recordings, this 2006 release has been carefully remastered from the original masters for a Dreamsheep digital download-only reissue. "Phunktooth", "Mozambico", "Satanic Blues", "Miti" and the long meditative "Freedom, Meditation, Faith" (later reworked in 2008) are very much representative of Valerio's wide range of styles and inspirations. "FMM, Vol. II" is another brick in the wall of his prolific years of the first decade of 2000 and we hope you'll enjoy every second of it.

Valerio Cosi: all instruments, mixing, production, remastering.