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Fabio Orsi / Valerio Cosi - "Not Used/Not Seen" DL - DS011

by Fabio Orsi/Valerio Cosi

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1. Fabio Orsi - Not Used
2. Valerio Cosi - Not Seen

Released on lathe-cut (in extremely limited quantities) through the New Zealand-based label Root Don Lonie For Cash in 2007, "Not Used/Not Seen" collects two outtakes and ideas that will be fully developed and re-arranged on the full-lenght collaborative CD album from Orsi/Cosi called "We Could For Hours", out on that same year through the Italian label A Silent Place. The 7'' offers Orsi's beautiful drones on Side A and Valerio's rhythmic saxoloops on Side B. Comes fully remastered from the original masters and with new photo artwork by Fabio Orsi.

Both tracks recorded in separate studio spaces between 2006/2007.

----VERY IMPORTANT: You will be prompted to download the whole record after you purchase your copy through this website.----